What is the philosophy behind my Websites Children Obesity is a major concern, our thoughts are that if we can make it easier to take up Sport, this will go a long way to help elevate this problem. We used the power of the Internet to capture the interest of our target audience, those chair bound teenagers constantly in front of their computer screens. If they view the news , they may wish to take up the sport, so first link is News to Sport clubs, Then as they get interested in their Sports, We can interest them in the Health &Exercise information which is the  Second Link  Lincolnshire2012 - Sporting-Links - Healthy Eating /Fitness Advice Joined up Action!  Lincolnshire2012.co.uk   Grab their Interest by supplying the most comprehensive information that is available, over 1250 pages presented in a way that is easy to find, and understand, with photos if possible. Sporting-lincs.com  Supply the most comprehensive,up to date, database of all the Sports Clubs we can find in Lincolnshire, over 2000 at the last count! Link news and information    Use Social Networking sites to link, promote and publicize             A collection of my Sites      ©Divingbrit 2012