Worth Unlimited is a national Christian charity and social enterprise which equips and supports people to harness their passions, gifts and talents to be locally rooted enablers of hope and transformation. All the branches in Worth Unlimited are financially independent and vary from a youth bus to a bike shop to THE OASIS.


Our purpose: Working alongside young people, who are experiencing difficulties on life’s journey, to bring hope and opportunity.

Our Values: Well-being, Justice, Integrity, Character Formation, Positive Change, Right Relationships, Accountability, Excellence, Creativity, Equality, Participation.,

Our Mission: To establish an environment to help young people discover themselves, what makes them who they are and support them in creating the pathways and doors of opportunity for a fulfilling life.

Our Journey to here

Our Journey Following a long held desire, in 2013, I started on a mission to create an environment where children and young people who have faced difficulties in life can feel safe, supported and at peace. My purpose is to bring balance and gifted wisdom into their lives by providing fulfilling steps along life's journey. Worth Lincolnshire has provided the gateway for the creation of 'THE OASIS'

'THE OASIS' is a calm and refreshing environment located at Cherry Fields, where we connect young people with nature and wildlife, which underpins the skills and coping strategies we provide in order to face life's adversity and challenges. I would like to take the opportunity to thank you everyone who has supported me in fulfilling this mission.


How you can help

If you believe you can make a positive difference, be part of something great and would like to learn more about this wonderful charity, then I would be delighted to hear from you. I hope that together we can take young people on this life changing journey. All the contact details are on our information page.