Our Volunteer Team

Love being outdoors, then you would love working here. THE OASIS is a Social and a Therapeutic Garden set up primarily to help young people from 16-23 overcome lifes challenges, whatever they are for them. Monday however, is gardening day when able and less able, of all ages, come together to maintain and develop the garden. It involves normal garden activities like digging, planting, weeding and watering, but there is also DIY and maintenance jobs like painting, putting up sheds, creating raised beds etc, while less active volunteers get involved in making tea!
THE OASIS is perfectly situated, a short bus journey from the city and in rural peace, on the outskirts of Cherry Willingham. It is made up of vegetable growing garden, a soft fruit garden, a rose garden, a small orchard and a wild life garden. It also has hens and 3 cats called Meryl, Cheryl and Beryl.

Join us at the Oasis to make a difference in the Lives of our young people

  • Mike

    Mike is our longest serving volunteer, is in charge of most of the Construction of the Oasis fabric, and has had a lifetime of working with troubled young people.

  • Gerry

    Gerry likes looking after our hens, and has plenty of practical experience

  • Phil

    Phil is a retired police Dog Handler,

Volunteers are the life blood of a project like this one, it could not function as well as it does without their input,.Would you like to become an Oasis Volunteer? No commitment, we work when we can, and we do the jobs that are needed to do that day, maybe its weeding a flower bed, or making a compost heap, even making the tea, which is vital to the running of the project. Contact Alison for details, her phone number is on the contact page.

  • Derek

    Derek is our Gardening Guru, over 40 years as a manager in a big company , now spends his life as a volunteer, with Lincoln River Care, Web Designer, Guiding us here, and in the past, at Lincoln Castle, and 2012 Olympics.

  • David

    David is the proud owner of a couple of vintage tractors, which he uses to pull a trailer, delivering what ever is required, horse manure, to greenhouses via concrete slabs, and he also uses a tractor to cut our grass,

  • Bethany

    Bethany is a student at Lincoln University. She is studing Criminolgy and is looking to go either into the Probation Service or the Youth Offending Service on completion of her degree.