www.Sporting-Lincs.com A Database of Sports Clubs in Lincolnshire  Its Free, Its Comprehensive Back in 2003 Lincolnshire had an out of date list of Sports Clubs, that  fitted with space to spare on one side of  an  A4  piece of paper,  My  idea was to create a 21st century resource  and with  a grant of £1000  from Sport England produced www.sporting-lincs.com which now has  over 2000 Clubs.   It planed to be always up to date By having a database that can be updated via Internet or mobile ,  whenever contact details change, it is hoped that the database will  give the most accurate information of the state of Lincolnshire Sports  Clubs  at all times.   Is your Club represented? With a dedicated website team, which will answer and help any Club  to add / or amend its details, with no fees to Clubs , and with  minimal advertising , there is no reason for all Sports Clubs of  Lincolnshire not take advantage of promoting their Club, their Sport  to a wider audience             A collection of my Sites      ©Divingbrit 2012